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Unlicensed Version. VCDS

Discussion in 'Automotive Software.' started by fros, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. fros

    fros New Member


    I will redefine my question a bit.

    I bought this cable
    <a href="http://www.dhgate.com/vag11-11-com-...11-11/p-ff80808137e9e97001382ce694bb153e.html." target="_blank">

    I'm using the software that was supplied, VCDS 11.11. However when I try to use it it scans but after a few codes it say: Unlicensed Version.

    I've search the forum for guides or help but I guess I don't know what to search for. If you don't want to respond please atleast give me a link to a thread that could help me
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    I have never started the application with internet activated. But I have used internet when the application has been closed (I disabled auto updates). Could that be the problem?

    I've read something about firmware updates, is it possible to update firmware on my cable or did I bought the wrong one?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. aut

    aut Guest

    i am having the same problem in these days. app started regularly and notebook didn't go to internet at all. NOW when i try to scan something insted of suggestions like usual appears THIS IS AVAIBLE ONLY IN REGISTERED VERSION then interface is not seen anymore
  3. mattyd

    mattyd New Member

    Hello mates

    Your interfaces are erased. The solution it is to reflash the Atmega.

    I will not starting to make you a tutorial here becasue this was disscused many and many times and always peaple don try to read and just ask "what to do"

    By the way in the futhure if you like to have a working tool please don't use any internet connection ever in the computer where you have the VCDS softwear activated.

    Otherwise if you have just one internet connection no metter when your interface serial will be erased after few autoscans or right the way.

    This is it. the ross-tech protect itself using checking clone serial servers.

    As I said NO INTERNET CONNECTION in that computer you have VCDS softwear installed and activated ever. And you'll smile, otherwise you'll cry.

    In the market but not in China or not in any countries there are clones that cannot be erased even you use the internet connection in the same time with a diagnostic session. But please do not ask me from where you can buy this because I will not telling you and this once are not cheap.

    Good luck

    Sorry i forgot

    Here it is a link where you have to read and learn how to repair your tools:

    <a href="http://mhhauto.com/Thread-VCDS-VAG-COM-REPAIR" target="_blank">

    Good luck
  4. fros

    fros New Member

    Thanks for your reply!

    I will read the thread but what a clutter
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    . I think a sticky post that's stripped down would help many people and this question wouldnt come up as often.
  5. fros

    fros New Member

    Need to clear things up.
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    First if a admin could move this thread to the hardware section, I guess that's the right place to put it.

    So if I understand correctly the only way to update my cable with a new dump is to solder it? There is no way to do it through USB without soldering?

    I couldn't really figure out what version of the chipset (BL?) that I have.

    I guess I need to blow the dust of my soldering station
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    . If not I need to order a new device or buy the original one, but if it happens again I will have the same issue again.

    Is it against the forum rules to give advice on what clone device to buy?

    I think that it would be helpful to many to know what to look for.

    Thanks for being very clear about never connecting to internet, going to use it through a virtual machine without a internet connection.

    Thanks again!

    Edit: Found a old step by step guide, but don't know if it's of any use.
    <a href="http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/archive/t-768819.html" target="_blank">
  6. mattyd

    mattyd New Member

    Yes you cannot flash the Atmega by USB

    You need an external programmer. I recomand you to use an USB one and Extreem Burner as programming softwear.

    There are few clones cannot be erased ( item are not cheap of course but their exist - I have one and I can use internet connection in the same time with the diagnostic session and it will never be erased )

    But 99.99% of VCDS clones in market can be erased in anytime if you use internet connection in the computer you have VCDS softwear installed.

    If you want to share pics of you both sides tool PCB I will tell you what kind of FTDI you have. Or you can check by yourself like this:

    The FTDI 232RL has pins on 2 sides of chip and no external eeprom

    The FTDI 232 BL or BM has pins o 4 sides of the chip and an external eeprom

    The FTDI 232RQ has pins on 4 sides of the chip and no external eeprom-this one you can find it just in genuine tools and never in the clonenes

    Good luck
  7. fros

    fros New Member

    <a href="attachment.php?aid=11953" target="_blank">
    <img src="attachment.php?thumbnail=11953" class="attachment" alt="" />
    <a href="attachment.php?aid=11954" target="_blank">
    <img src="attachment.php?thumbnail=11954" class="attachment" alt="" />

    Here they are.

    Edit: It says "FTDI FT232BL".
  8. mattyd

    mattyd New Member

    It is FTDI FT232BL so you can easy flash

    I saw R50 there. you can remove it.

    Good luck
  9. fros

    fros New Member

    But hey, wait! If I plugin the cable to another computer it presents itself as a Ross-tech device. Does that mean that the software is not deleted on the device?
  10. mattyd

    mattyd New Member

    That is the driver mate. This mean that the FTDi it is not erased. From VCDS 11.11.0 the FTDI it is not erased, just in particular cases.

    Just Atmega eeprom it is erased

    Good luck
  11. fros

    fros New Member

    Allright and just to be sure, there are no cracked VCDS that I can use with my "broken" cable?

    I guess the answer is no so i continue
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    . A few questions.

    1. Could you point out which connectors I need to solder a cable to, maybe draw on the picture?

    2. Then I need to connect the wires to a external programmer, what programmer can I use and which wires go where? And then use Extreme burner for the external programmer, right?

    I think I need detailed schematics to be able to do this. I can solder but I'm not a electronic expert.
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  12. mattyd

    mattyd New Member

    Mate I sent it to you a link to read and to figure it out how to make your tool become to live here

    <a href="http://mhhauto.com/Thread-Unlicensed-Version-VCDS?pid=90459#pid90459" target="_blank">

    If your are not expert in electronic you have two choices:

    1. let the experts to do it

    2. try to read and learn

    I suppose I show many and many times how to do this and I explained many times. Now I don't want to start a new huge trhead about this.

    So go to the thread I indicated to you spend a littel time and you'll figure it out how to do it.

    Becasue I don't want to say about me that I will not want to help you I can say the flashing pins of Atmega are pin 1,2,3 and 4

    This once you have to use it for flashing and you need to connect to the external programmer. Of course the GND too

    Now as a clue

    Find Atmega 162 datasheet and you'll see there which are this pins.

    Well without skills in electronic you are as me in kitchen.

    Good luck

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